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Welcome to my personal site highlighting the creative work I do when not producing designs for my clients at 2tempo Design and Communications. The work I do is free from commercial influences and allows me to explore and create a personal dialogue between the artist and the veiwer... I hope you like the conversation!

About me

I was born in the Yorkshire in the North of England and at the tender age of six months my parents immigrated to West Coast of Canada. My youth was spent drifting between Banff and Canmore in the Rockies and Vancouver. I spent a lot of time in the outdoors on Vancouver Island at Strathcona, which at the time was a catch-all for those seeking an alternative lifestyle. I remember sailing amongst the islands dropping in on family friends who were building their homes in the middle of nowhere. It was during these voyages that my relationship with the nature of the west coast and the original inhabitants, The First Nations, had a real impact on my personal artwork and design.


What I do

I have been working in branding and design for the last 20 years, 10 of which have been working for my own design agency, 2tempo Design and Communications, in London and now is based in Padova, Italy. I am a very creative person with many design ideas, both commercial and purley artistic, and I now create designs on canvas to let people enjoy my work in their homes. You can also see my deisgns being used on Italian hand-made accesories from Venice.


My Work

My paintings are inspired by the graphic language used by the Haida Indians in the West Coast of Canada. It is a relationship between space and distinctive lines and shapes which can be seen through-out my work. There is a narrative for each piece inspired by events in my life and places I have been. I spend a lot of time climbing in the mountains, which allows me to get to places where only nature is in control.

I would love to hear from you!.

Feel free to get in touch. I can arrange private viewings or tell you where you can see my work

Telefono: 00 39 049 992 5453